Festivals Essay

India is a land of festivals. Many people of different religion and caste sect live in India. The festivals of India reflex the greatness of its culture. The Indian festivals are helpful in developing the ethics like passion, pity, hospitality, love, and unity.

Celebrating the festival together with different castes, languages, provinces and different sects rejuvenate the feelings of mutual harmony and affection. All the festivals provide the people with happiness, pleasure and enthusiasm.

Each festival, with its method and tradition, carries some special message for society, country and nation. Just as the festival of Vijayadashami in India gives the message of victory of truth over evil and religion over unrighteousness, similarly the holy festival of Rakshabandhan commemorates the pious love of brother and sister.

Similarly, Holi, the festival of colors, gives us the message that we should forget our bitterness and love our enemies. Many festivals of other religions too have the similar messages and their own methods and traditions.

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Festivals Essay

Essay on Festivals – (200 Words)

Festivals have a great importance in human life. Without them our life becomes dull and bored. Festivals fill joy and zeal in human life. India is diverse in religion. Communities such as Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, and Christian live together, and participate together in every festival.

As a secular nation India allows to worship and propagation of each religion equally. All the people of different religions participate in same festivals that bring unity among them.

In India festivals are categorized in three parts: national festivals, religious festivals, and regional festivals.

Independence Day, Republic Day, and Gandhi Jayanti are the national festivals that are celebrated all over India by every sect, caste and creed. On the day we salute our martyrs and hoist the National Flag.

Religious festivals are celebrated by different communities based on their religion. Hindus celebrate Holi, Deepawali, Rakshabandhan, Makar Sankranti etc. Id-ul-joha and Id-ul-Fitre is the festivals of Muslims. Christians celebrate Christmas and Easter whereas Guru Parva is the festival of Sikhs.

Festivals those are celebrated in a particular region are called regional festivals like – Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh, Bohag Bihu in Assam, and Gangaur in Rajasthan etc.

Festivals are also the best means to connect any caste and country with its past. Festivals are also a means of forgetting the stress and suffering that comes in life. This is the reason that the occasions of festivals bring delight.


Essay on Festivals – (300 Words)


India is a country of cultural and traditional festivals as it has many cultures and religions. India is a secular country with diversity in religions, languages, castes and cultures. The people of India celebrate the festivals with great joy and zeal. In India alone there are over 100 festivals celebrated in a year. Indian festivals are mainly season-oriented.


Importance of Festivals

Human life is full of much diversity. Human beings have to perform many duties and responsibilities. They have no time for themselves apart from carrying out the responsibilities and earning money. Festivals bring some good changes in their routine task and bring joy in their lives. During his/her lifetime a human being has to perform a variety of duties and responsibilities.

Festivals have definitely a great objective of social upliftment. People come together to celebrate them which decreases the enmity among them. The tradition of charity, performing rituals on the occasion of festivals helps in maintaining social bondage. Poor and rich all celebrate the festivals forgetting all their sadness and depression. These festivals contribute in the family tie ups, and social and national unity.

Types of Festivals

There are three types of festivals celebrated in India. They are- National festivals, religious festivals, and regional festivals.

National Festivals: The festivals related to the history of Indian independence are known as national festivals such as Independence Day, Republic Day, and Gandhi Jayanti.

Religious Festivals: Festivals are celebrated by different communities in India are called Religious festivals. Holi, Deepawali, Id-ul-Fitre, Christmas, Guru-parva etc. are the examples of religious festivals.

Regional Festivals: Some festivals are celebrated by in a particular region by the inhabitants. They are known as regional festivals e.g. Pongal, Bihu etc.


The Indian festivals are celebrated on a particular time and in fixed months. They bring happiness and feeling of fraternity among the people. It unites the people and has some message for the humans.


Essay on Festivals – (400 Words)


India is a country of fairs and festivals. It is observed that a festival is celebrated everyday in India. India has a rich heritage of festivals in comparison to other countries. Each festival has its own importance and is celebrated on a particular day and in particular season or month.

At present time some regional festivals are popularized in all the other states so their importance has been increased more.

Importance of Festivals

Festivals play very significant role in keeping the traditions alive, more so in a country as religiously and culturally diverse as India. Every religion of India has its own festival with completely different rituals. The rituals performed in the festival gives a clue about the religious beliefs and social customs of a particular religion or region.

Festivals reaffirm the faith of people in their centuries old cultural/social customs and rituals. Also, it brings people from different faiths together, as they get to know each other and their beliefs more closely.

They also give a reason for joy and celebrations. Some festivals are so eagerly awaited by a particular community that the preparations actually begin to take shape, months in advance.

Hindus start preparing for Deepawali festival, 30-45 days before the date. Renovating the house, getting a new paint, preparing sweets, buying new clothes are some of the main activities done before Deepawali. Similarly preparations for Dussehra also begin couple of months before the festival.

Moreover, festivals also promote tourism and hence generate employment or at least provide temporary means of livelihood to many. Indian festivals are celebrated like a fair, with stalls of eatables and articles bustling with eager crowds.

This provides small vendors an opportunity to make some money by selling products and services to the visitors.

Some festivals are so famous, specifically at a particular place, that tourists from faraway places come to witness the celebrations. Holi of Vrindavan (Mathura), Dussehra of Calcutta, Bihu of Assam are only few of such festivals famous throughout the world.


Festivals play an important role in the cultural development of an individual. They also bring us close to our religion and help us to understand the cultures of the others. Celebrating festivals with other religions promote communal harmony and also leads to effective socialization. We also get time out of normal routine which provides us a refreshing change. Festival is not only a day off in India but is a lot more than that in our culture. Therefore, we should enjoy our festivals and must try to understand the deep thought in celebrating them and the message that every festival conveys.


Essay on Festivals – (500 Words)


India has a rich heritage of festivals in comparison to other countries. Each festival has its own importance and is celebrated on a particular day and in particular season or month.

List of Some Religious Festivals of India

The list of festivals celebrated in India is large. Some religious festivals celebrated in India by different sects are mentioned below in brief:

1) Holi: Holi is celebrated by Hindus in the month of March as a festival of colours. It is called a harvest festival also.

2) Deepawali: Deepawali is the festival of lights. According to Hindu calendar it is celebrated on the new moon day in the month of Kartik.

3) Dussehra: It is also called Vijaya Dashmi. On this day the Hindu mythological incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Ram returned from Lanka. This festival is celebrated as the win of truth over the evil. Goddess Durga is also worshipped as a deity of power.

4) Mahashivaratri: A special worship of Lord Shiva is done in the all parts of our country. It is celebrated on the Hindu month of Falgun.

5) Janamashtami: In the month of Bhaddrapada on the eighth day, the birthday of Lord Krishna is celebrated all along the country. Janmashtami in Maharashtra is famous for Dahi-Handi.

6) Id-ul-Fitre: Id-ul-Fitre is a religious festival of Muslims. It is celebrated in the all parts of the world by the Muslim community. It is celebrated after the end of their holy month Ramjan.

7) Id-ul Ajaha: It is also a festival of Muslims. According to Muslim mythology it is a festival of sacrifice. The festival is celebrated on the eighth day of the Muslim calendar month Jul-Hizza.

8) Christmas: Christmas is celebrated by the Christians on 25th December every year as the birthday of Jesus Christ. On Christmas day houses are cleaned and Christian people decorate their houses well.

9) Buddha Purnima: This festival is celebrated in India by the followers of Buddhism. It is also called Buddha Jayanti. On the full moon day of the Baishakh month this festival is celebrated.

10) Mahavir Jayanti: It is the main festival of Jain community. Lord Mahavira was the last Tirthankara in Jainism. This festival is celebrated by the Jains as the birthday of Lord Mahavira.


In this way, festivals inculcate joy and enthusiasm in public life. They bring happiness in our life and give an opportunity to change in life. Thus festivals have special significance in our lives. People put on new clean cloths and exchange of sweets and love make the society full with love and care for each other.


Long Essay on Festivals – (600 Words)


India is a country of festivals. Due to diversity of religions in India it is seen that festivals are celebrated in a frequent intervals in every month. Our traditional festivals that are also called religious, cultural, or social festivals celebrated every nook and corner of the country. Holi, Deepawali, Dussehra, Rakshabandhan  in north India, Durga-Pooja in Bengal, Bihu in Assam, Ganeshotshava in Maharashtra, Pongal and Onam in Chennai, Rath Yatra in Puri, and Navratri in Gujarat are famous. The festival is related to seasons, religions, culture or society.

Importance of Festivals

Human life is full of many variations. During his/her entire lifetime a human being has to perform a number of duties and responsibilities. For this reason, they often become so busy that it becomes difficult to take time out for their entertainment from their busy life. Under such a condition festivals bring a pleasant change in their life and bring joy and trendiness in them. Festivals are based on the social belief, traditions and culture. As there are different beliefs of every community, similarly the methods of celebrating these festivals vary.

Festivals fill the life of human with joy. Festivals end the dullness of their life and there is a freshness and solidity in them. Even before the arrival of festivals, the eagerness and enthusiasm of humans start bringing a positive and pleasant change in it. He abandons complete idleness and dullness and prepares and awaits festivals with full enthusiasm. People try to bring social harmony by distributing food to the hungry, and clothes to the poor.

Kinds of Festivals

Basically Indian festivals are divided into three groups – National festivals, religious festivals, and regional festivals.

  • National festival: The festivals that belong to our past and are celebrated as the symbol of our national pride are called national festivals. Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Children Day, Teacher’s day etc are commemorated in the memory of our top leaders who have spent their whole life for the growth and prosperity of our nation. Every Indian feels proud and delivers the message among their upcoming generation. Tri-colour is hoisted and sweets are distributed in all parts of the country. A holiday is declared.
  • Religious festival: The festivals celebrated by the diverse communities of our nation according to the culture and tradition of their religion are known as religious festivals. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christians, Jains, and Parsees live in a communion in our country. They celebrate their own festivals with great joy and zeal. Other community people also celebrate these festivals together that bring peace and harmony. Holi, Deepawali, Eid, Christmas, Mahavir Jayanti, etc are celebrated by the different religions in our country. Indians living abroad also commemorate these festivals in the countries where they reside.
  • Regional festivals: Some festivals are celebrated in the few states only by the natives of that place can be defined as regional festivals. In the other words some festivals are celebrated by the tribal groups living in India are regional festivals. The chief regional festivals are Bihu, Pongal, Onam, and many seasonal festivals at the time of harvesting of crops celebrated by the people on their specific time.


It is the earnest duty of all Indian citizens to celebrate festivals with simplicity and purity. People have to remain conscious that the image of the festivals does not deteriorate with their personal interests. They have to check the activities and the elements, who try to tarnish their image and dignity. The deformity that have come up in the way of celebrating festivals, such as – drinking, gambling, causing religious hysteria, promoting noise pollution and air pollution must be eliminated at the earliest. We should celebrate festivals with their original spirit so that happiness and peace can increase.


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